90 Minute Confidence Coaching Session

90 Minute Confidence Coaching Session

Would you like to spend time working with me on an area of importance in your life where you feel that your confidence is lacking? You will have 90 minutes to explore what is going on for you and leave the session feeling more empowered to take incremental steps out of your comfort zone to get to where you want to be.


There will be times when you marvel at how confident you are feeling, you feel on top of the world, you do everything with ease, you embrace your life and personal development and your default mode is always on pushing forward. You step up to challenges without a second thought and grow and learn every time you take that all important step out of your comfort zone. It feels as though anything is possible. You trust in your abilities, qualities and judgement and you cannot wait to keep moving forward with your passion.


Yet there are also times when your feelings of confidence can diminish. Sometimes you can put your finger on the reason why – perhaps a set back where something hasn’t worked so well or you have received a comment or feedback that has made you question yourself. And at other times, you may be at a loss to understand why your confidence is feeling so low.


It is also true to say that your confidence may have diminished over a period of time. Perhaps, it has happened so slowly and incrementally that you didn’t even notice. All you know is that you feel stuck. We generally only become aware when we are placed in a situation of change where we need to do something different – perhaps something that feels challenging like changing jobs, starting a business or moving through a life stage that feels outside of our comfort zone.

These things happen to all of us and sometimes we need  support to work through what is going on for us and why  our confidence is lacking in a particular area. We need time to reflect and consider the things that are holding us back in order to inform the steps that we can take to start moving forward.

This 90 minute session will give you the opportunity to work with me to get to the heart of what is causing you to feel a lack of confidence by exploring what is holding you back and to get you to a position where you can start taking those all important steps to start being and feeling more confident in an area of importance to you.​