You had the power all along, my dear!

This is one of my all time favourite quotes. The Wizard of Oz was a very big part of our lives as a family when our daughter was very small. All of the little girls adored Dorothy and for a period of time when the production was in the West End, there were lots of little girls running around dressed as Dorothy in their blue gingham dresses and red sparkly shoes.

Both this quote and the picture resonate with me on so many levels. It has pride of place on the home page of my website.

Firstly, as the mother of a daughter. Because we all believe in our kids and want the best for them, don't we. We see their strengths and their weaknesses and we love every single bit of them for the raw unpolished little humans that they are. And what they will become. Possibility is all around them.

This is something that we see in others too. We often recognise strength in others that we don't see in ourselves. Weird that, huh?

It also resonates with me as a coach. Because I believe that every single one of my clients has it within them to achieve whatever they want to. To make their own decisions, take action and get the results that they want. Coaching isn't about giving people advice though. Because although that may seem very nice and helpful - it's shortlived. That would be a bit like Glinda waving her magic wand and granting our wishes, wouldn't it? It's fine if you want to end up on a Caribbean Island but not so great for the general life shizz!

Once she's gone, you are on your own again. Back where you started.

But the truth is that you don't really need a Glinda.

The difference of course is that you have to want to make the change. And that's the hard bit because staying rooted to what you know, as much as you despise it - keeps you safe, doesn't it. It takes away the fear of the unknown. You know what you are getting. It becomes a comfy pair of slippers. There is comfort in the familiar and that is wonderful. As long as it is wonderful?

But if you are done with living the same day over and over and fed up that you are saying the same thing as this time last year, then you might want to ask yourself this :

"How much is it costing me to stay the same?"

Ponder this question for a while. See what comes up.

It is only when the desire to change becomes greater than the fear itself that we start to find our way forward.

The women that come to me for coaching are often at this stage. Coaching is not a service that you can force upon people. Clients have to self-select. To want to start taking action. Otherwise it doesn't work.

I hear things like :

"I thought I would never be able to change"
"I'd lost so much confidence that I became a shell of my old self"
"I realise that it's only me that can make these changes"

And you know what? All of this is OK. It's honest. It's raw. But more importantly, it's real. And many of us will have said these things at some point or another.

Because we are all real aren't we and we all go through times when we need to navigate a new route. Just remember to click those heels from time to time, won't you.

Because you absolutely can!

"..........if ever I go looking for my heart's desire again, I shouldn't look any further than my own backyard"
Dorothy , Wizard of Oz x

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