When no one comes

So, you’ve had the business idea, you’ve launched and NO ONE is coming.

Not a soul.

Not a like. Not a comment. Not a phone call.

It feels as though you are talking to the proverbial empty room.

And you are wondering if you missed the memo on this bit.

Without a doubt, getting up and running takes it out of you, doesn’t it? You are so excited to get started and then things go, let’s just say - a bit quiet.

The queue you were expecting – doesn’t come.

And you start to get a little bit of worry and wonder about whether you’ve done the right thing.

It can feel hard to keep showing up when it seems as though no one is listening. They are though. Even though nothing comes. Yet.

You haven’t missed the memo by the way!

This is one of the biggest hurdles we have to negotiate when we start a business. For everyone. You are not alone here.

I’m guessing that you are doing all of the usual things to get visible. Yet it can feel as though you are all out of ideas or perhaps you are finding it hard to keep showing up because you are worried that no one is interested. Or that you are too much or too little?

Your confidence has taken a little bit of a bashing and it’s a time when you really have to dig deep.

I often liken being visible to door knocking. It brings up the same vulnerabilities.

I’ve done both. I launched a business over 15 years ago and my ‘original’ idea flopped.

In hindsight, that original idea would have been in a better position to succeed now but hindsight by its very nature doesn’t show up in real time, does it? Emergency action was needed.

I’d spent a fortune on branding, leaflets, marketing and my vehicle and you can’t just throw these things in the bin, can you. I certainly couldn’t.

So, I did the thing that no one did back then and I door knocked. I knocked on homes and I cold called on businesses. It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. But that is where the change came from. I had the most wonderful responses. And little by little I kept knocking, building up my brave and going back again. And again, and again. I had a few helpers. It’s the few that make the difference, don’t forget that.

And bearing in mind I had come from the school of ‘don’t ask for anything’, there was a lot of vulnerability around.

I also know that some people bought from me because they wanted to support me. That also gave rise to a lot of discomfort but I made sure I gave back as things started to pick up. I also remembered to accept their kindness with gratitude.

But my point here is that I did things that I never thought I would. Not just because I had to but because I also believed that I could.

It was a mindset shift. It always is.

Failure wasn’t an option because I’d already done that with my ‘too early original idea’. It was the time for solutions and action.

And there is always a solution.

Despite feeling like the worst of times, it was also the best of times in terms of accessing new ideas.

Slowly contracts came. And then more. I was doing bigger things for people and businesses than I could ever have imagined.

I entered the world of exhibitions to display my products. Again, it’s a good life lesson in being visible and getting feedback.

This is one of the reasons why I really get how it feels to show up. Because when your back is against the wall, you are capable of doing amazing things. And I know that you have it within you to do whatever you want to.

And it was only when reflecting on my own small business journey that it occurred to me that ‘door knocking’ is no different to the whole visibility thing we experience as small business owners now. It’s just launching and selling done differently.

And it is at the very point when you feel like pulling the shutters down, that you must ask yourself ‘what else can I do’?

When it feels as though you are all out of ideas and energy, it is time to change up your thinking.

Remember what I said about there always being a solution. You have it! It’s right there inside you.

Maybe it’s time to start challenging yourself for those solutions?

Because you never know what is just around the corner!

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