The Next Chapter

This new space is the continuation or Chapter 2 of my blog, Not Just The 3 Of Us has grown up. I’ve grown, my family has grown. Because we all grow and we all change and the blog wanted in too.

I outgrew the space where I started blogging as a working mother with a young daughter. I decided it was high time for a shiny new broom.

When I first started the blog it was never intended to be anything other than a creative outlet for a few ramblings. I knew nothing about the enormity of blogging, social media and all of the technological challenges back in 2015 when I set out.

The blog took on a life of its own and it dragged me with it. Without a doubt it has been one of my biggest learning and growth experiences and the catalyst that has brought about my greatest successes and biggest achievements (albeit inadvertently).

Here are some of them:

  • It’s been a fear facer

  • It’s brought about business opportunities

  • I’ve learned to fail better

  • It’s opened new paths

  • It’s brought about new sources of income

  • I’ve embraced a side of technology that I never thought I would

  • I ‘get’ social media and I see the many different sides of it

  • It has ultimately steered me towards coaching

And then there are the people that I’ve met along the way. Yep – online! And in real life too. #Loner. #Weirdo. #Whatever. It happens. #noshame whatsoever.

Showing up like this isn’t easy. Especially back when I started out when no one really got the whole online thing. I didn’t either. I wonder if that’s the best way sometimes!

It took me forever to push the publish button on my very first post but it was one of the best things I’ve done.

There have been subsequent posts that have also made me hesitate with the button push and there are some that have made me squirm when I have read them back. I have cruised the wrong way down more one-way streets than I care to think about and I have done some real cringe things. But I’m still here. Failing better.

And the biggest learning from all of this is that people are amazing. I have had the most beautiful feedback from people and the loveliest and liveliest conversations. Rich debate. I love it. There is nothing quite like it. This has been invaluable.

Equally, not everyone is going to be your fan. They just aren’t. Nothing personal.

Some will tell you, others do the scroll on by thing. People say things that go straight to the core. It unsettles you, of course it does, but I always listen.

There is always something to learn before moving on again. Ultimately, it strengthens your resolve. And offers a new and different perspective on things.

It is a full-time job and some if you want to completely monetise your blog and brand and go down the influencer route. Even then there is no guarantee of success.

That route was never for me and whilst I have participated in some amazing paid campaigns, I never wanted the blog to become a selling vehicle. Just as well really because I was never called upon to be that person.

There are others that are head and shoulders above me in the industry that are doing this brilliantly. Make no mistake about it, it’s a tough gig and I applaud those that are successful in this arena. And as we know, that’s a tough place to be because the outside world has vilified many of these people through the way they have chosen to take their business.

I say good luck to them.

This is most certainly not about the freebies. For the many that have been successful, it has been borne out of the desire to be able to balance family life while striving to bring in an income. That takes a lot of hard graft. Of course, there will always be the few that don’t operate with honesty and integrity but that is no different to any industry.

Bizarrely, a large portion of my income from the blog came from supporting other small business owners with their content strategy and placement and coaching around business offerings. And look where that has led...! I’m now on my way to becoming a qualified coach.

And herein lay the light bulb moment for me. Very slowly, the penny has dropped with all of this. Finally! Because I’ve effectively been doing the work of a coach already because as well as being a small business owner myself, I have had the privilege (in my day job) of supporting CEO Founder/ Entrepreneurs and start-ups and SMEs with their businesses for some time now.

I spend a lot of time hanging out with business owners and people that are doing their own thing. I’ve also spent a lot of time with colleagues supporting them with their personal growth.

Sometimes these things are innate within us and we just do them because it’s what we do.

So this is about me combining all of those things and offering coaching to those who need a helping hand with their own personal growth or new business journey.

This new site reflects these changes but some things will stay the same.

The elements of blogging that light me up have always been the things that I have been passionate about – the things that make me, me.

Creativity/ home design being one and lifestyle/ experiences the other. They are coming along. Because none of us are just one thing or the other, are we?

Us humans are complex creatures and there are many parts to us that make up our whole. Yep, I’m a coach but I also have a life too. It’s all part of my bundle.

I also don’t do hard sell but I am building a business. Building a business takes a lot of cringy putting yourself out there and it’s not for the faint-hearted. So there will be a space that is dedicated to my coaching offerings and also a space for my love of sharing my thing to exist alongside. No confusion just plain and simple stuff.

I do hope you’ll come along with me.

I’d love your company as I value all the contributions you have made towards this blog over the last five years...