People Like Me Can

Isn’t it funny how we see some things as unattainable?

That some things are for others, not for us. How we say or think ‘people like me can’t do things like that’.

And how often we hear others say it.

It generally comes about because of a limiting belief that has been ascribed to us or one that we have learned early on and carried through our lives without even realising.

A pre-recorded narrative if you like, that jumps in without us even being aware of its existence. No need to think about it - the narrative is ready to respond to any new situation or fear.

Limiting beliefs serve to feed our fears and protect us from having a go because of what might happen.

A limiting belief will generally be accompanied by a prediction of the outcome. An assumption. That assumption will then draw upon a past experience. A failure or a time when we did something similar that didn’t work out. We will use that assumption to determine what we see as the reality of anything related to trying anything similar.

The thing to remember here is that in all likelihood this particular failure will be historic. Different circumstances and a different you. Don’t write yourself off before you even start.

We all do it. I have to say I’ve been a big user of the ‘people like me can’t do things like this’ way of thinking. The problem is then escalated because everything you try to do is fed by that belief. And then it starts to reflect back to you. Because others will start to feed it back to you in their narrative. It becomes your weak spot if you like and the more you water it, the more it grows.

My defining moment came when I was told by someone a few years ago that ‘we can’t help people like you’. That was particularly crushing at the time because I really needed help to move forward. Whilst I naturally questioned the statement at the time, it was a huge door in the face moment to actually have someone say it. It doesn’t matter how unfounded the comment is, it sticks.

Fast forward a few years and it has been a combination of life experience, coaching and my strength and determination that has turned that around. That statement has been the catalyst for me doing something bigger than I’ve ever done before. Except I’m doing it with the full confidence that #peoplelikemecan. No wavering and no looking for someone else to validate what I can do.

But it has made me notice how prolific this ‘people like me can’t’ saying is. So much so that I’ve decided to launch a campaign to spread the word that #peoplelikemecan. I can and you can. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you've come from. This is all about where you are going.

Catch yourself doing it next time and tell yourself that it stops right now. It doesn’t matter how large or small your thing is, just know that you can do it. If you want to. It’s your choice. Your dream.

You may be the only person in the world to want to do this thing but that doesn’t matter either. None of us wants to be the person that spends the rest of their days wishing that they had, do we?

You will see me popping up across my Social Media platforms talking about #peoplelikemecan things.

Come on over if it resonates with you. The more the merrier.