Life through my Lens

It goes without saying that being a bit of a ‘creative’ type, I spend a lot of time behind the lens.

I say this loosely as I don’t actually own a ‘grown-up’ camera but me and the iPhone have a thing going on like you wouldn’t believe!

I adore taking pictures.

Memories, inspiration – it’s all captured as I snap and go.

And my family may well tease and call me ‘photo woman’ but if it wasn’t for me, people of the future will never know they existed.

Up until recent years, I never really existed for the purposes of history. I’m just not a big fan of being on the other side of the lens.

However, I have no doubt that the very same people of the future will come in search of the identity of the mysterious woman that captured Santa Monica beach in her daughter’s sunglasses!

I can see it now.

You get my drift though. Without pictures, there would be no blog.

Pictures are sometimes the inspiration behind a post.

More importantly, I have a picture to suit most texts or scenarios. And website material.

But suddenly my pictures of others weren’t enough. I had to start showing up myself.


Because people want to see who you are. Especially when you have a website and a business.

And for all those people out there who cannot bear to be in photos, please know that I did this for you.


Please know that for every time you see another bloody photo of me, that you can do it too.

I can make no apology for the photos that keep popping up of me at the moment because they have all gone into the making this site. Every single one of them. And all the photos that I have taken over the years have found a place on this site too.

And I rather like the way everything has come together in one place. Where it should be.

Even me!

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