It’s not just Découpage!

I’ve mentioned here on my site about the fact that I love a bit of creativity and design. It lights me up, actually. It’s that little part of me that needs a regular feed.

I have been guilty of ‘haven’t got time for this’ syndrome with these creative projects of late, but I had a little idea that has been my saviour. Being up with the lark and burning the midnight oil to get my business on the road takes its toll.

Because sometimes the brain and the body go into shut down and all you can physically do is sit with a pot of glue and mindlessly cut things out and stick them on to something else.

Enter découpage!

I also know how important it is to have balance in our lives. That sounds a little banal but I do very much believe in the power of always having an area in your life where you can see progress. When you are up against it with challenges, you need an area of light.

So, the découpage has been my friend over the last few weeks.

This was borne out of my desire to get our holiday memories incorporated into the overall fabric of the house. And I had the perfect canvas on which to put all of these little reminders - a papier-mâché stag.

We are all guilty of bringing back receipts and paper souvenirs from our travels, especially when it’s been an extra special destination but they often sit in the drawer with all our leaving cards from five years ago. We all have that drawer, don’t we?

And I decided that it wasn’t happening this year. It was time to make it happen. I’d seen some fantastic upcycling ideas at a show recently and I thought it was high time I got involved.

So, I gathered all the logos and snippets from the places we visited in California. They will resonate with all of us, every time we pass or look at the stag on the wall.

This is a bit different from a photo because it has lots of things on it that we will forget over the passage of time and I want us to have those ‘oh my god do you remember that’ moments when we take time to look at a different section of the stag.

Each night I have sat and I’ve stuck and then stuck some more and slowly it’s taken shape.

And it’s been a bit therapeutic too.

Simple things!

#decoupage #california