Is it time to get out of your own way?

What is the ONE thing that you keep meaning to do?

The thing that comes up over and over whenever you have those conversations.

You know the ones - the ones where you talk about your hopes and dreams.

Or maybe you think about it on holiday when everything seems possible but you leave it behind when you depart. If only you had the time, money, confidence ...........

And it isn’t necessarily a big thing but you can’t seem to start it or finish it off. You want to but it somehow feels out of reach. To pursue it seems self indulgent, fanciful even? Perhaps you don’t know where to begin or you are afraid? Yet, you really want it - right? You know it will have a huge impact on other areas of your life too. Yet you move forward and back and it remains your one day, someday dream.

Are you prepared to consider that you might may be standing in your own way?

It's fine if you are. We all do it! But ask yourself this .......

"How would you like the idea of spending time with a small group of women who are also ready to get out of their own way?"

A group of women that also have something they want to achieve for their own personal growth. A group of women that can support each other over a period of 4 weeks and be held accountable by a coach and each other.

I am looking for 10 women to join the pilot of my online coaching programme, ‘Get Out of Your Own Way’ starting in January 2020.

This is a pilot programme for women that prefer the dynamic and rapport of group work and accountability.

You will receive my help through coaching within the group to become clear about what you want to achieve. We will look at what is holding you back and what you can do to start moving towards making choices, taking action and getting things done. It’s a great way to experience coaching whilst being empowered by seeing what others are doing in a safe and comfortable space.

No need to travel out in the cold, just hop into the private Facebook group where you can participate at a time of day convenient to you to join the challenges and follow the instructions each week and listen to live or recorded bite size coaching videos and prompts.

This four week programme is heavily discounted this time - so if you are ready to start moving forward together with a group of like-minded women that also want to turn their excuses and fears into action, please contact me via the link below or at We can arrange to have a quick chat to see if this programme may be right for you.

I will closing the doors for sign-up and payment once I have 10 people.

Fancy it?