Hit the button and run!

How often have you produced content and sat for ages reading and re-reading it and changing it until you are blue in the face?

Perhaps you worry what people might think? And what response you’re going to get?

You go through the usual ‘supposing this or that’ scenarios, tweak it, read it again and then a week later you are sat in the same place. Doing it again!

How frustrating is that? And then you get all cross with yourself because it’s taken so much of your time. Too right it has.

And you still haven’t posted it!

Chances are you are over trying on the expert front.

Trust me I’ve been there!

I mean how clever do we think we need to be, ladies? The truth is that we don’t. People want to read things in digestible chunks. Too much information can make people switch off. And no one has all day. Not anymore! We can be an impatient lot, so why do we expect our prospective clients and readers to be any different?

The problem is that when we over try and give too much, we dilute our message. Perhaps you’ve not though of it in that way? In short, we can labour the point to such an extent that we lose it. The point. That is!

If you think about it, it’s always the simple statements and snippets that draw us in and resonate, isn’t it?

We cannot hope to convey our entire world message in one piece of content. It’s just not possible.

And that’s why we hesitate, because we think we’re not giving enough. Or that we will be judged.

The truth is you can spend too much of your precious time overthinking these things.

And there are many times when you will need to adopt the ‘hit the button and run’ technique. Am I right? You’ve probably done it a few times already!

You squeeze everything you have and off it goes!

And all the things you feared don’t happen.

Sometimes nothing happens at all!

Or you may just hit the spot with the right person.

Which presumably was your intention?

So, what are you holding on to that someone might want to read today?

That will make a difference to them?

Is it time to hit the button?

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