Favourite places and 'I Love You' spaces

I adore Home & Design as you may well know and I want to share a few of my favourite spaces and places in the home with you.

These are my ‘I Love You’ spaces.

'I Love You' spaces are really important in our home. When everything else is in turmoil or parts of our life or other rooms are out of action, these are the go-to places. The chill-out zones, if you like.

During the times when we are mustering up all that we’ve got or perhaps cannot see the wood for the trees, these are the spaces and things that make me and my little family smile.

To the world they are just things but to us they hold little stories and memories that have become part of the fabric of our home. We all have our favourite areas and these are some of mine.

Whatever may be going on around us, our living room is generally the area where we can let our hair down.

This is a room that has been decorated many times in many colour variations. It was never a favourite. That was until a few years ago when I finally got it right. It only took 14 years. Let me introduce you...

Other than the wallpapering, I painstakingly decorated this room during a freezing cold snowy January. Windows open wide, whilst I froze and painted in equal measure. It's all about the timing!

As you can see cushions are my thing. I cannot get enough of them!

We absolutely love our sofa - it is so comfy and it just made the difference that was desperately needed in this room. There is always a bit of a scramble to bag either end but it tends to be quite harmonious in the main.

And remember what I was saying about cushions?

We have a window seat. We have been forever grateful for this treasure that we acquired when we moved in. It has seen many different colours and accessories over the years. It also provides much needed extra seating when we have a house full of people. Something that we love to do.

And then there is a nice bit of storage underneath too. What's not to love!

This room gets the sun in the afternoon and I like nothing more than sitting on the sofa looking out. Not in a nosey-parker sense of course! And the open window means that it is just as easy for people to look in! Fill your boots I say! I would.

And our wall art quote is somewhat poetic whenever the going gets tough!

I remember putting this up one Sunday evening with my husband who declared it would only take 20 minutes. It actually took the whole evening. Never has so much skill and concentration been applied by two people on one evening. It was a bit like being on the Krypton Factor but we won and it is much loved.

And my absolute little fave is this lamp which just works so very well in the room. It was my posh purchase with my first month's pay in one of my old jobs.

The feathers are from our visit to Barbados in 2015 during the time of The Crop Over Festival, part of which is a huge street carnival. This is a big event in the Bajan calendar and these feathers were discarded at the side of the road by a carnival reveller.

The colours are amazing and every time I look at them, I am reminded of our wonderful time there. Rather than put things like this in the loft (which we no longer have anyway), I like to try and include them in the fabric of the house and décor.

After all, how could I put them in a box and hide them away?!

So that’s a little glimpse into our world and how we roll.

Do you have 'I Love You' spaces in your home?