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My Story

I've championed my own personal growth and development since I was a young teen, all through my 20s, 30s, parenthood and out the other side. Never more so than when reaching midlife.

I started my first business in my early twenties. That hard work and graft at a time when people ‘didn’t do things like that’ was to set my future up quite nicely.  


This first business (believe it or not), was pre-internet, pre-social media and mobile phones. Computers were only just showing up and I do believe my very first leaflet was typed.  


This business was an immediate success and it was profitable enough to put down a substantial deposit on my first home.  


That was a big thing back then for a young single girl like me as we didn’t come from a family of home owners. I had lots of support from family and friends and the business was put together on a shoestring.


In order to get the products and equipment, I purchased little bits at a time. I also had a full-time job so my business started when I got home and then at the weekend.

A long career in the corporate world followed but my entrepreneurial spirit never left me. In fact, it stood me in great stead when constantly having to reinvent myself as a mother of a young daughter in trying to break down doors back into the workplace when no one did the flexible working thing and career gaps were met with a suspicious glance and a brick wall.

Like many women I ended up doing my own thing and turning back to my entrepreneurial skills in an attempt to maintain my own personal growth alongside being a mother. Days can be lonely when you have a young child. You spend a lot of time behind closed doors doing the best you can as a new mum only to find that when you emerge, you will encounter more closed doors.

I really had to dig deep at that time. I had nothing to give. I didn’t have the energy or confidence to start a business but I still threw myself at it. At the time, it felt like it was all I had.


That was a bit of a turning point for me because it led me into the arena of working with other small business owners and, in turn, supporting CEO founders and entrepreneurs with their business start-ups and growth. This also led me to another entrepreneurial venture. My Lifestyle Blog. Another turning point.


You can read more about this here.

Coaching became a natural next step.


Coaching small business owners, start-ups and those that I’ve always supported with their personal growth.


Because I want to be the person that I needed back when I was taking my first entrepreneurial step. I get what it takes to be that person.