"We have within us the most incredible ability to find our own solutions"



I’m Nicky Kentisbeer.

I'm a Mindset and Confidence Coach.

I support women to do the things that they want to do by empowering them to use the strengths and capabilities that they already have within them.

I do this based on the belief that we all have within us the most incredible ability to find our own solutions - irrespective of our background or starting point.


Naturally curious

Do you ever wonder how it would feel if you took the lid off your ideas and aspirations and started to take steps to make them happen? 

To be supported to challenge some of the limiting beliefs upon which you base your decisions and to start to build a different way forward?

To challenge and address the things that are keeping you stuck where you are, going round in circles and living the same day over and over?

Would you like to work with someone that can support you to address the things that may be holding you back so that you can start bringing some of your ideas to fruition?

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You had the power all along, my dear

Glinda, The Good Witch, The Wizard of Oz

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